increasing pollution in the USA
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How can we reduce pollution in our daily lives

Currently, pollution is increasing in the USA, particularly in large American cities. Indeed, emissions generated by electricity consumption, transport and industries represent a significant part of the production of carbon dioxide. In addition, emissions linked to the goods and services consumed by each person in their daily life contribute considerably. This includes clothing, food, electronic equipment, heating systems, and even travel. So how can we reduce pollution in our daily lives?


Since the awareness of industries for the fight against pollution, measures have been implemented. Packaging, bottles, etc. are designed to be recyclable and with degradable materials. As a result, specialized companies will then be able to recover them in order to transform them into other reusable objects. Every day, a household produces waste in different forms including:

  • metals, such as steel and aluminum, which are used to make cans, food containers, aerosols and cans
  • plastic such as plastic cans, bottles and pots that come from our consumption
  • glass (vial, bottle, colored or transparent jar, etc.)
  • cardboard and paper such as magazines, newspapers, sheets of paper, plastic bags, etc

Recycling this waste is essential to reduce pollution and to avoid manufacturing new products. After selective sorting of waste, there are companies that offer their service to recycle it.

Why recycle

Recycling is the best way to preserve the environment. It helps reduce the volume of waste, whether household or industrial, and reduces pollution. But recycling also avoids the use of certain natural resources which will be used as raw materials for the manufacture of a new product.

In addition, manufacturing a bottle or a car generates energy consumption. Just for the production of packaging, the process requires not only energy, but also water, which is starting to be a rare commodity on the planet. The other advantage of favoring the recycling policy is that it leads to more job creation in a region.

Produce less waste and avoid waste

How to reduce the volume of your trash cans? Well, by producing less waste. However, this can only be possible if you buy the right product.

Avoiding food waste: Before you go shopping, always make a habit of checking your stock and making a list of everything you need. This will prevent you from having an excess can of canned food, the other of which will soon reach its expiration date. Also pay attention to dates when choosing a product.

Buy products in bulk: Whether it is food products or other items that you may need on a daily basis, some of them are available in bulk and in retail. For example, for compotes and dairy products, choose large containers over individual ones. This will not only save you money, but also reduce waste. By purchasing this way, you will have less packaging and boxes to throw in your trash.

Know how to choose packaging: For your purchases, try to favor recyclable and ecological packaging. There are also reusable bags and shopping bags that are as sturdy as those made with other materials.

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