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Dumpster Rental Dilemma: Parking Permission Predicament

Dumpster rental: do you need to apply for parking authorization

A dumpster can be rented for many uses. It allows you to load materials or collect garbage and rubble. It also allows you to do other work. However, there are a few steps to take to have the right to install a skip on the track for the work. Discover in this content the essential things to know about requesting permission to park a dumpster.

When to apply for a parking permit for a dumpster

The request to park before renting a skip is obligatory in two cases:

  • the skip is stored on the road
  • the dumpster is installed on private land

When you find yourself in one of these cases, you must make a request to the authorities. This process can be undertaken by any user, whether an individual, a company, a project manager, etc. However, it is not always easy to properly carry out this process to obtain authorization. Between the administrative constraints and the documents to provide, you can get lost. If you are having trouble getting by, you can seek advice from a skip rental specialist.

Request for authorization to park a skip on public roads

When you wish to place a dumpster on a public road, you must submit a request at least 8 days in advance. In general, the processing time for the request can be long. It now varies between 2 weeks and 1 month. It cannot exceed this duration. For greater security, you can therefore make your request two to three weeks in advance.

The request must contain information such as:

  • your contact details
  • the exact location of the dumpster parking
  • the duration of parking
  • the surface area of the bin
  • the sketch indicating precisely the position of the skip

This request must be filed with:

  • the municipal road service
  • the city’s town planning department
  • the office responsible for the territorial road section of your district

In the absence of a response, you must consider that the permit is refused. If the town hall approves your request, however, you will receive proof in the form of a registered letter. This letter will be followed by an acknowledgment of receipt, an authorization to interrupt or modify traffic if this is necessary. Said authorization is issued on a precarious basis and revocable for a fixed period.

If you have to leave the dumpster on site longer than planned, consider requesting an extension. Note that in the event of illegal occupation of the public highway by a skip, you risk a fine of 500 dollars.

What safety instructions must be followed

When the skip is installed on the public highway, it can become a danger for local residents who are traveling. It is therefore recommended to follow some safety instructions when handling such a machine. Here are some regulatory tips:

  • Always keep the dumpster under surveillance
  • Install signage around the dumpster to demarcate the area
  • Avoid any dangerous parking around the dumpster
  • Install the skip on planks to avoid damaging public roads
    • The cost of the operation

      The installation of a dumpster on a public highway is subject to payment of public space occupancy rights. This cost is variable. In fact, it varies from one municipality to another. Payment must, however, be made to the Public Treasury after receipt of an invoice at the town hall. So, to save some money, organize yourself to limit road occupancy time to the strict minimum. Also note that occupancy of a parking space results in additional costs.

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